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The Institutional Investor Network (IIN) is a 501c3 entity who's mission is to convene institutional investors by creating a platform that will facilitate the exchange of information with African stakeholders.

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The ultimate purpose of this webinar series is to convene the institutional investor community to promote

investment opportunities that addresses the United Nations ("UN") Sustainable Development Goals

("SDG") and reduces the global infrastructure funding gap. The events will convene a small group of

institutional investors and demand side stakeholders, mainly MDBs and DFIs, to discuss challenges that

restrict investments into Africa.

The global community is at a critical moment which requires transformational changes to build resilient

infrastructure to address exacerbating climate outcomes. According to the UN, the world needs to increase

global investments from $3 trillion USD to between $5-7 trillion USD. Globally, institutional investors

have $70 trillion USD in assets under management. Engaging the private sector by leveraging blended

finance solutions and increasing demand side capacity will help to reduce this funding gap

To promote capital flow and address funding gaps, a solution is the creation of a platform so MDB and

DFIs can engage with institutional investors, fund managers and governments to address challenges that

restricts institutional investments in Africa and in emerging economies. This event will:

• Present the true opportunities available in Africa

• Underscore the key role institutional investors can play in the overall development of this

ecosystem alongside MDBs

• Highlight a wider range of necessary tools that align with US allocators requirements and


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